Accommodation in Cluj-Napoca

If you are outside the city of Cluj, we will help you find accommodation through our partners and the opportunity to visit the city guide.


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With over 10 years experience this dental office offers our clients high quality work at affordable prices.We use quality materials, corresponding to international standards.Materials are also used in the dentistry field last appearances on the international market.

This cabinet has modern facilities.

Practicing dentistry affordable prices: quality porcelain dental work, dentures, Paradontosis treatments, fillings, etc..

Consult a dentist early.Do not let it rot advance.You`ll pay and suffer more.Come early to a dentist for regular consultations.


Choosing a DENTISTRY cabinet

DENTISTRY choosing a cabinet can be difficult,therefore we expect in a modern and pleasant environment both for solving the urgent problems and for obtaining a dental-facial features and optimal aesthetics.

We also understand that time is precious that`s why We comply with the schedules and flexibility in choosing classes and treatment outside working hours in advance.

For all the information you will not find in our pages, details or appointments, please contact us directly by phone or email.

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